Coming out of the 2012-2013 NHL Lockout, the league implemented a variety of changes. Things like boring salary cap and revenue stuff, uniform regulations, and increased injury protocols. But the biggest change was that to the conference and division alignment, as well as the playoff system that would take effect in the 2013-14 season. That […]

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The NHL season is over. This is great news. For fans of good teams, its playoff time. For fans of bad teams, yay draft! Prospects! But more importantly, it is awards season! I love awards season and predictions and voting time! Where else will you find dumb media guys openly admitting they’re dumb by casting dumb votes […]


Marley Sommer, son of Worcester Sharks coach Roy Sommer, performed a spectacular rendition of the Star Spangled Banner prior to their game against Connecticut Whale on Wednesday. Marley – who is also known by the team as “Moe” – has Down syndrome and is autistic. But neither stopped him from taking to the ice to perform […]


Paulina Gretzky, the daughter of legendary Ice Hockey player Wayne, is set to appear on the cover of May’s Golf Digest magazine. The 25-year-old model does not play golf professionally, but with these snaps there’s no questioning her credentials. Gretzky is a known golfer and is currently dating one of the PGA Tour’s biggest hitters, […]


Often you hear players talk about “defining” themselves and “carving a niche” that makes them an important player. You know, filling a “role.” Well, Rob Laurie may be the best at this. He’s become the NHL‘s go-to emergency backup goaltender as he’ll play for the Minnesota Wild. By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde For the third […]


Being an official in any sport isn’t easy. You don’t have any friends. Both teams hate you. Fans make fun of you. You’re the go-to scapegoat. In hockey, the rink is cold because ice. So it’s understandable that you’d relax with a few beverages. This referee however, looks like he hit the bottle a little […]


Whether it should be legal or not, fighting is a part of hockey. Two guys square up to punch each other in the face for the reason of “because” usually. However, two players in the FHL took the the purpose of fighting to a whole new level when instead of punching, they hug and drink beer together on the ice.

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Hockey players are no strangers to a fight – but you don’t expect that to spill over into the fans too. In a Dutch hockey league game earlier in the week between the Geleen Smoke Eaters and Eindhoven, a fight broke out in the stand between a group of fans and a 17-year-old youth player. When […]


To put it lightly, Wednesday night’s game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning had everything. Terrible defence, great saves, great goals, some good hits, a hattrick from the best goalscorer in the NHL. Yup, everything. Even a fan running on the ice. By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde Update: Video 1 Video 2 […]


Talk about landing on your feet. Less than a year after being relieved of his duties as head coach of the Edmonton Oilers, Ralph Krueger has been named club chairman of Southampton FC. In January it was reported that he was set to serve has an aide to club owner Katharina Liebherr once his duties […]