Yesterday was the first day of NHL free agency and we’re about 36 hours into the NHL silly season, and boy was there some silly spending. In total, we’re currently at $515,300,000 million spent on 87 players. How much of that was spent wisely? How much is going to be as productive as lighting millions […]


July 1st marks two big things. The birth of the greatest country on the planet, Canada, and the first day of NHL free agency. This means two things are guaranteed to happen. First, I’ll be wearing a flag as a toga, and secondly, that a bunch of hockey players are going to sign contracts for […]


A general manager should be able to speak properly in public. But when you consider New York Islanders GM Garth Snow is a former NHL goaltender with the Islanders, Pittsburgh Pirates, Vancouver Canucks and Philadelphia Flyers, then we can understand the occasional mistake. He’s no businessman, and showed his tough hockey background during the NHL […]


Its about time for the NHL draft, which means a bunch of teams are about to make a ton of mistakes, and a couple will do something right. With the first round going tonight, everyone will have their eye on the top 10, especially with 6 of the 7 futile Canadian teams picking in that range. […]


When it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo these days he’s got 99 problems – a pesky knee injury, humidity ruining his hair, Portugal getting embarrassed by Germany, this gif, handshakes – and I guess a woman is one too. Jay-Z is very disappointed in you. The woman in question is 26 year old Miss BumBum Brazil pageant contestant […]

booth nuts

The Stanley Cup Final has started and is the focus of the hockey world right now. But that doesn’t mean other interesting things aren’t happening in hockey. Take for example semi-controversial (depending on your views of hunting) Vancouver Canucks forward David Booth, who tight roped walked an elastic line only for it to snap up […]


It was believed that the end of Game 6 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers wouldn’t result in any fines or suspensions. But the NHL had other ideas late on Monday night. They decided that Henrik Lundqvist would be the one who would pay. Literally. The Rangers goalie has been fined by the league $5,000 for […]

2nd round

Ladies and gentlemen, we are that much closer to finding out who wins the Stanley Cup, or to Brad Marchand the “starley cup.” Its the second round of the NHL playoffs which used to be the conference semi finals, but since the NHL went all college hoops we’re looking at Divisional finals. Still don’t like […]


Fifteen years ago was a long time ago. Think about it. Probably a lot of the stuff you thought was cool isn’t anymore (kick scooters), but hey some of it probably still is (Lego, Pokemon, Backstreet Boys). This applies to fashion too. Remember the 90‘s fashion? Especially late 90s when everything had to be shiny or gaudy […]


I love playoff hockey. This opening paragraph could end here, but it won’t because I love love love playoff hockey. Best teams versus the best teams. Teams going all out because all the chips are down. Players leaving it all on the ice. Shooting, hitting, saves, scoring, blood, sweat, tears, emotion. Yeah, there is shenanigans […]