Unrest is growing amongst Tottenham fans over the whereabouts of their £30m record signing Erik Lamela.

And now one Spurs supporter has taken to posting missing posters of the Argentinian attacker on lamp posts.

Since arriving from Roma last summer as a potential replacement for Gareth Bale, Lamela has endured a tough time at White Hart Lane, making only three Premier League starts before a back injury seemingly ruled him out for the remainder of the season.

The midfielder was supposed to appear at Spurs’ megastore on Monday as part of a Meet the Players event but pulled out at the last minute.

The Lamela posters have been doing the rounds now on social media.

The comical fliers state that “The Argie el Beatle” is struggling to adapt to new surroundings and is “looking vacant and confused.”

A hashtag has also been set up following the release of the posters. Spurs fans are using #FindLamela to share any information they have on their missing man.


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