Over the past year The Shield has shown that they’re one of the most dominating groups in WWE history, and definitely the most successful from this ‘Universe/PG Era’.

They burst on the scene by screwing Ryback out of a WWE championship title reign and helped CM Punk to victory in the 2012 Survivor Series.

Since then they’ve been the heels that you just have to love, they get a bigger pop than some faces, and that’s because fans appreciate their brilliance and enjoy watching them.

They put The Undertaker through a table, the beat up The Rock, they’ve held the tag team titles and the US Championship – they’ve shown they’re dominance consistently.

However, it does seem that the group are only weeks away from splitting up.

By Ryan Flynn – @ryryflynn

Recently on RAW and Smackdown we can see tensions rise within the group, particularly between powerhouse Roman Reigns and technician Dean Ambrose with a split in the group seeming inevitable.

It would be sad to see The Shield split as they are the most enjoyable group the WWE have had in a long time but there are advantages to break-up.

The main one being there will be better competition within the roster for singles competition.

Rollins is a very enjoyable wrestler to watch. His matches with Daniel Bryan show just how good he is.

Reigns in recent weeks has shown his potential, winning the elimination tag team match at Survivor Series pretty much on his own.

And where do you begin with Ambrose?

He’s an amazing technical wrestler, seems to be the leader of The Shield and has the on-mic skills needed to make it to the top of the industry.

The potential storylines and feuds that could follow a Shield split would be phenomenal and we could see the WWE halt the recent dip in ratings.

Any fan will be looking forward to see what happens with The Shield in the coming weeks.

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